Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The usual suspects searching for a meme

Wizbang has a series of posts nicely covering the wingnuttery as the usual suspects strive to find a away to blame Americans, in general, and George Bush, in particular, for the Indonesian tsunami and its effects. Of course, it's a little tough blaming anyone for an earthquake, but that isn't going to stop them.

First off the mark was an attempt to blame "global warming" and "evil" development for er, making things worse. As a bonus, there's a nice whine that Momma USA should have done more to contact every government in the region when the needles started jiggling on the seismographs. Maybe singing telegrams? Of course, some of the local governments had plenty of warning and did nothing. Hmmm, there's novelty in these, but they don't seem like winners.

OK, how about some United Nations whining that the US is stingy as I mentioned on Monday? Nice try, but the gales of hilarity that greeted that ploy have forced the kleptocrat in question, Jan Egeland, to retract his remarks:


Egeland knew exactly what he was saying — and he meant every word of it.

Of course, it was about as truthful as the rest of the slime that oozes from that cesspool on First Avenue.
Ruh Oh! Time to try something else!

Well, the Washington Post is making a game attempt today by trotting out a Democrat hack who's sobbing that President Bush hasn't been sensitive enough. You know, having a photo-op to feel their pain and all that. Yeah, that'll make the survivors living in shelters feel so much better - when they get their TV's working.

Still not good enough, folks. What's next?