Monday, December 27, 2004

Unnatural Disasters

Seismologists have discovered the real cause of the horrific tsunamis that hit Indonesia and nearby countries on Christmas Day:

But not to worry, the United Nations is on the case - UN Warns of Possible Epidemics in Quake-Hit Asia:
The United Nations warned on Monday of epidemics within days unless health systems in southern Asia can cope after more than 15,500 people were killed and hundreds of thousands left homeless by a giant tsunami.
As James Taranto frequently observes, what would we do without experts? Particularly UN experts. Hmm, I wonder how long before one of the usual suspects opines that some part of the disaster is all the fault of George Bush and those intolerant Red Staters? Maybe we could have a pool?

Meanwhile in outer space, Asteroid With Chance of Hitting Earth in 2029 Now Being Watched 'Very Carefully':
Update, Dec. 25, 9:47 p.m. ET: The risk of an impact by asteroid 2004 MN4 went up slightly on Saturday, Dec. 25. It is now pegged at having a 1-in -45 chance of striking the planet on April 13, 2029. That's up from 1-in-63 late on Dec. 24, and 1-in-300 early on Dec. 24.
Gosh, maybe we should put the United Nations in charge of preparations! First, a special assessment on the developed nations and then a series of conferences at world resort spots (skipping Indonesia, of course). Actually,
Astronomers still stress that it is very likely the risk will be reduced to zero with further observations. And even as it stands with present knowledge, the chances are 97.8 percent the rock will miss Earth.
but we would want the UN to be prepared, wouldn't we?