Monday, August 02, 2004

Don't question the Empress, you leetle peepuls!

Colin McNickle of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review fills us in on "Killing the questioner":
A week ago tonight, I asked Teresa Heinz Kerry a simple question here: "What did you mean?" And a wicked firestorm was sparked. Incredibly, most of it was directed against me.
And look what crawled out of the woodwork!
Entertainer Patti Labelle told the Boston Herald that Heinz Kerry "should've pimp-slapped" me.
Patti is likely an expert on being slapped by pimps.
Molly Ivins either repeated or created the myth that I had grabbed the possible future first lady. I didn't touch her.
As anyone who can watch TV can attest. Ole Molly probably can't find the remote.
Bombastic, fact-challenged liberal filmmaker Michael Moore supposedly called me "rude."
The lardass millionaire is so sensitive!
A friend told me that Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation, a leftist journal, said the exchange was the result of a long-running personal feud between Heinz Kerry and myself. That's absurd, patently; I don't run in those circles.
Neither do most folks.
Longtime liberal national political columnist Jack Germond -- now retired and a convention "guest" who was shilling for his new book -- told CNN's Judy Woodruff that I was "not a legitimate newspaperman."

Ms. Woodruff allowed the slander to pass without challenge. Mr. Germond's wife, Alice, is secretary for the Democratic National Committee, noted a profile published before the incident in Editor & Publisher, a trade magazine.

I report, you decide.
Indeed. Much more by following the link. Ole Empress Teresa sure has a nice crop of dung beetles hanging around her nether region.