Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Today's Hoot!

Ole Frank J. is having a contest:
So, Sandy Berger stuffed classified documents down his pants, and I just know there is a joke there somewhere. Put your best crack at it in the comments section, and I, the arbiter of all humor, will pick the winner.
My faves:

From "Mr. Bubble"
Sing to the tune of “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain”:

I got Clinton’s Secret Papers down my shorts (Down my shorts!)
There’s a Post-it with a Warning down my shorts (Down my shorts!)
Got a paper-cut on my peter
From the yellow-lined paper
I got Clinton’s Secret Papers down my shorts (Down my shorts!)

From "Former Hostage":
Scene: The Kerry Campaign Headquarters.

JK: Wellllll Sandy. These papahhs will certainly help us recahp-ture the White House. I congratulate you on your sucess and bravery...just like the bravery I showed in Viet Nam. I'm certain that you, like I, felt the excitement in the danger.
SB: Thank you Mr. Future-President. Yes sir, it was certainly exciting!
JK: Yes, these papahhs are very...hmmm...what's this spot on the page? It looks like...some sort of...stain?


SB: (mumbling and glassy eyed)exciting...yesssireebob...exciting indeed....