Friday, February 27, 2004

Paul Krugman Sics FBI on Blogger

(Via FR) It's that butthead Krugman again with his soiled knickers in a twist. Check out this comment by zee (from Spiced Sass) over at Little Green Footballs:
Re: FBI visit

It turns out it was a nasty letter I wrote to Paul Krugman - NY Times, in October. I looked for it but I can't find it.

He asked if I admitted writing it and I said sure.

His demeanor was non threatening. He had a file on me but I couldn't see what it consisted of.

He asked that I not record him. When asked why he said he simply did not like to be recorded.

So, I didn't. I haven't mustered sufficient 'balls', if you will , to argue with an FBI dude.

Bottom line, per the agent, I'm in the system and if anything I write in the future, that can be construed as threatening and is brought to their attention, they would have to possibly charge me. I asked how the letter, a profane but non threatening note, was taken to be threatening. He said it was up to the individual receiving it to determine if they feel it is a threat and the final determination would be made by a judge. Yeah, me in front of a liberal judge should land me in jail for the rest of my natural days.
Anyway, I would go through the hell of having to defend my anger if it is interpreted as a threat in tone or intent, but does not necessarily consist of an actual threat.

I confess to being upset. I am crushed by what is happening to America and I let him know it.


I could tell he empathized. In fact, at one point he said he wouldn't have much good to say to Krugman either
But for the most part he was polite and neutral and obviously very tired.

Which prompted me to apologize for using his time in an inconsequential issue. He agreed and said he intended to tell me just that. That it took all day today to track me down ( I never tried to disguise my IP and I signed my name because I thought that would show it wasn't a threat. I mean, Jesus...)( fine, I'm stupid)and will take another two hours tomorrow to write it up and that it took that much time for his New York counterpart.

I take responsibility for allowing my anger to drive me to write pointless angry letters, but, as I told him, I feel helpless and impotent watching my country being destroyed from within.

The fact that it was a frigging liberal asswipe and not a Muslim only proves who the frigging censors are.

This seemed to take the life out of me so I think I'll just go outside and stare at the river awhile. I still have one more airport run or I'd abandon myself to a good cry.

And yes, I live on the top two stories of a barge along the Ohio . They repair yachts and such stuff down below. I have an awesome crows nest, all windows, from which I brood and write and brood. When I'm not driving limos.

I definitely need a life.

Thanks for all those of you who advised me.

It's odd that I turned to LGF, when threatened, but it is so comforting ya'll are here.

Well, this profane bitch is going to go brood.
While I don't know what zee's missive said, here's today's lesson, kids: Don't y'all go callin' Paul Krugman an inflamed hemorrhoid on Terry McAuliffe's ass, or suggest that he has carnal knowledge of canines, or even speculate that he ingests excrement; because he'll sic a tired FBI agent on you, who should be tracking down Islamic terrorists.

Pond scum.

UPDATE: Now there's a full thread on this at lgf.