Tuesday, February 24, 2004

He's didn't go to Canada after all!

Fearless Leader
ALEC Baldwin isn't suffering from any lack of self-esteem. In A&E's "Biography: Alec Baldwin," premiering tonight, the bombastic actor compares himself to Black Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver, who wrote "Soul on Ice."
Did Eldridge beat his wife too?
Baldwin recalls that when he was younger, "My dad said to me, 'If you were black . . . with your personality,' he said, 'Do you think you would be Martin Luther King, or would you be Eldridge Cleaver? Would you be patient and wise, and kind, and peaceful?' He said, 'Or do you think you'd really, really get out there and . . . exert yourself a little more in order to leverage change in our society?' And I knew the answer . . . I knew the answer was the latter."
Based on the picture accompanying the article, it looks like Alec's main exertion is calling over the dessert cart for another helping.