Wednesday, September 24, 2003

What's wrong with this picture?
Chip Scutari astounds in The Arizona Republic with Poll: Voters would end public aid to migrants. (Hint: As an aid to comprehension, whenever you see the words "migrant", "immigrant", or "undocumented" realize they are discussing illegal aliens.)
Despite loud denunciation by the majority of the state's political power brokers, voters are supporting a proposed initiative that would prevent undocumented immigrants from receiving public assistance and would require Arizonans to prove their citizenship before they could register to vote.

Seven of 10 voters support the Protect Arizona Now initiative, according to a poll released Tuesday by Arizona State University.

Politicians ranging from U.S. Sen. John McCain to Gov. Janet Napolitano have criticized the proposal, which could get on the November 2004 ballot if supporters gather enough signatures.
You guessed it, didn't you!
"It shows how big the disconnect is between politicians and the public they serve," said pollster Bruce Merrill, an ASU journalism professor. "When times are tough and people are worried about their jobs, people are looking at the costs of illegal immigration. It cuts across race and party."

Merrill, who surveyed 390 registered voters last weekend, said his poll also indicates that some Hispanics aren't opposed to this plan because undocumented immigrants are competing for their jobs, too.
Ya think?
Protect Arizona Now backers say that undocumented immigrants are draining state and local governments and that officials turn a blind eye to the problem of illegal immigration. Opponents call them political extremists and "uneducated fools."
There's a typical well reasoned response.

Why do politicos and the chattering classes think the taxpayers should fund a foreign aid program for illegal aliens living in their backyard? I must have overlooked the part of the Constitution that guaranteed welfare, schooling, and medical care for anyone in the world who sneaks across the border. As for voting, isn't aiding and abetting vote fraud a crime? Throw McCain, Napolitano, and the rest in the clink!

UPDATE: The Curmudgeon has some words on this one too:
First, this is so obvious that the fact that legislation is necessary to encact it says it all. Second, even if Arizona voters follow through, what are the odds that some Clinton/Carter judge won't declare them, the voters, nul, void, and irrelevant? Take your pick between slim and none. I know what you're thinking, "Jesus, has Schultz taken his Prozac today?" No, I haven't. I'm out of Scotch.
I'll drink to that.