Friday, August 22, 2003

Those Pesky Superheroes!
Superhero Ban for Kids 'Ridiculous':
Australian Prime Minister John Howard has slammed a decision by some kindergartens to ban children from dressing up as superheroes, saying the move was "political correctness gone mad."

At least a dozen centers for pre-school children in the city of Melbourne this week declared that they have been practicing a "superhero-free" policy, saying that dressing up as characters like Superman and the Incredible Hulk encouraged children to be aggressive.
Mayor Bill Baarini was quoted as saying it was often the less assertive children who were the victims of aggressive behavior by their role-playing peers.

He denied the ban was driven by ideology.

But Howard told a Melbourne radio station Friday the decision was "just ridiculous," pointing too to a ban by some centers on children singing Christmas carols.
"Wonder Woman and Superman and Batman and all that sort of thing - why not? For heaven sake ... we are losing control of reality. What is wrong with this?"
With all due respect to Prime Minister Howard, the real question is "What is wrong with them?"

Don't worry kids, maybe they'll still let you dress up as Captain Planet.