Monday, August 18, 2003

Huge honking surprise alert!
Alex Veiga of the AP reports some astounding results from the sociologists at the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center - Study: Newly arrived Hispanic immigrant men drove down other workers' wages:
LOS ANGELES - Men working blue-collar and service jobs in 15 states tended to earn lower pay when they were employed alongside newly arrived Hispanic immigrant men because the new arrivals were often paid less, driving down the wages for all, according to a UCLA study.
Who says rocket science is dead? And the article coins a new euphemism, "newly arrived immigrant," for illegal alien.

Oh yeah, they also have a solution:
The study recommends expanding worker protections for the immigrants, enforcing minimum wage standards and extending amnesty.
Deportation achieves the same effect, but somehow the pointy headed types missed it in their "study".

And then there's the closer:
Catanzarite said people should not infer from the study that immigrant labor hurts American workers.
Um, how does that work?
"The findings don't suggest that immigration overall is hurting native-born workers," she said. "Some of these jobs wouldn't even exist if those immigrants weren't here."
There's nothing like scientific precision! Of course, being sociologists they wouldn't know much about science.