Monday, June 09, 2003

Today's hoot!
In the Philadelphia Inquirer, Ronnie Polaneczky tells us Here's what she meant to say but couldn't:
On her first impression of Bill Clinton, in law school.

What she said: "He looked like a Viking. He had this big, bushy brownish reddish beard and longish hair, and he looked very imposing."

What she meant: "He was a hunka-hunka burnin' love."
On her mother-in-law's desire to sit Hillary on the edge of the tub and give her makeup lessons.

What she said: "She was an American original."

What she meant: "Next to her, Dolly Parton is Eleanor Roosevelt."

On how she reconciled Bill's dalliance with Gennifer Flowers.

What she said: "We have spent some time having marriage counseling, which I highly recommend."

What she meant: "I keep a voodoo doll of Gennifer in my top desk drawer. To this day, I stab it regularly."

On asking Jackie Kennedy Onassis' advice as to how to be a good first lady.

What she said: "She said, 'Just go be yourself.' "

What she meant: "Great advice from the widow of the guy who invented 'trolling for interns.' "
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