Friday, June 13, 2003

An Epiphany for Kool-Aid Drinkers!
Amazon has a variety of user reviews of Hillary's new book, but over at her publisher, Simon and Schuster, they may invite you to "submit a reaction," but the only ones posted are quintessential Kool-Aid consumption. Some samples:
As reviewed by John Marshall on June 10, 2003

Sen Clinton is one of the most extraordinary women that I have ever met, and we as a people and as a nation are lucky to have her serving this great country of ours. The book I recommend to all, to learn how one could be so graced with passion and so human. My daugthers, Laura and Paij, see her as a role model for all women.


As reviewed by Kim Smith on June 09, 2003

I admire Senator Clinton very much because she is intelligent, hard-working, kind, and has a deep faith in God. I don't know any women who have accomplished as much as she has, including repairing a damaged marriage, and done it with such grace, wisdom, and strength. I admire that. She is a remarkable woman and I don't understand why other women bash her. She is what we stand for-strength and courage.


As reviewed by PB on June 11, 2003

Now, more than ever, I think she could win the 2004 Presidential race AND Bill would make a fine first gentleman (?). He's had enough of his own successes he wouldn't feel competitive with her -- but rather bask in the victory of her defeating Bush !! 2008 may be too late.
If only we could fill her vacated Senate seat with a worthy democrat...

Is she doing any Bay Area book signings ?? I'd buy a 2nd copy.
I guess I can't write satire - I couldn't even begin to make this stuff up.