Saturday, May 31, 2003

Ruh Oh!
If you are a technology junkie, this is old news; but Aaron Sands in the Ottawa Citizen fills us in on the latest - High-definition TV exposes Hollywood's ugly truths: Extra-clear TV reveals stars' imperfections, including once-concealed skin conditions:
Stop the presses -- Cameron Diaz has skin problems, according to high-definition television, which is threatening to expose the previously invisible "flaws" of the world's most physically beautiful people.

As HDTV spreads its digital clarity into homes worldwide, Hollywood is sounding the alarm. The stars are running for cover, warts and all, only to find the most advanced makeup wizardry to date failing to save perfect face.

Plastic surgeons are drooling. The makeup industry is strategizing. As the ugly truth reveals itself to an ever-expanding digital audience, some of the beautiful people have come clean.
On Ms. Diaz, a regular on People magazine's list of the world's most beautiful, Mr. Swann writes, "the magazine's editors -- and most of the Western world -- do not have high-definition TV. If they did, they would see that Diaz's face is spotted with small pockmarks, the unfortunate consequence of a longtime acne problem.

"When seen on film," Mr. Swann says, "Diaz's skin imperfections are not noticeable, thanks to Hollywood's talented makeup artists. However, with HDTV, the picture is so precise that the acne damage cannot be hidden. In a high-def broadcast of Charlie's Angels on HBO, Diaz looks like a different person. She's still very pretty. But to be frank, I doubt that she would make People's most beautiful list."
So what are the beautiful people to do?
A revolution in makeup, still in its infancy, is underway to cover the blemishes broadcast by HDTV. The art of airbrush makeup, a thin water-based liquid spray-painted onto face and body, is still being perfected.

"Airbrush is absolutely the wave of the future," said Amy Coffman, an airbrush artist with The Airbrush Shoppe, Etc. in Kansas City. "With high-definition TV, you can see every single flaw. And the only way to really disguise those flaws is to use the airbrush.
Gives new meaning to "airbrushing".

Of course, they're going to need a tank car full of the stuff for Michael Moore.