Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Today's Hoot!
From today's Iraq thread on Free Republic, SaucyCranberry observes:
I have CNN Int'l which is showing the Statue feed--they just panned into a group holding a banner that they *thought* said "Go Home USA", but when the feed showed the banner said "GO HOME HUMAN SHIELDS USA WANKERS" the anchors shut up and the camera panned back out to the crowd and that was quickly shut up.
I'm looking at the banner now on the NTV feed.

UPDATE: Wait! It gets better - from poster Howlin:
Greg Kelly: Supplies from UNICEF found at Uday's house

OMG.......he took the Halloween money??????
UPDATE 2: Donald Sensing has a screen capture of the "wanker banner". I heard that the Iraqis had liberated it from some "human shields" and "improved" it, but I don't have a link. There certainly were some human shields quartered at the hotel and they showed up briefly to castigate the Marines.
They received a warm welcome -- except from one European woman, who had come to Baghdad as a human shield.

"Children killers!" she yelled at a U.S. tank commander.
Hmm, their visit to Iraq hasn't improved their IQ's.