Sunday, March 30, 2003

Combover alert!
Tatiana Deligiannakis and Eric Lenkowitz in the NY Post - Saddam's Swine Eats High on Hog:
The Iraqi people might be starving, but they can rest easy knowing their U.N. ambassador is stuffing his face and running up a fat tab at one of the city's poshest eateries.

Saddam mouthpiece Mohammed al-Douri, whose boss vowed terror attacks in the United States and issued posthumous medals to a suicide bomber yesterday, was spotted by The Post enjoying a meal that included French-style crème brulee at celeb hot spot Nello's last night.

The servant to Saddam, who was joined by his Iraqi Mission colleague Benon Sevan, also feasted on grilled swordfish, which he washed down with a glass of champagne and a sparkling water.

The ambassador, who believes that America wants to "kill everyone in Iraq," enjoyed a night of good old American hospitality, which he capped off in Marie Antoinette fashion with both crème brulee and a chocolate cake.

All told, the meal set back the Iraqi treasury $200. But a least no one can say Saddam's underlings are cheap - al-Douri did leave a $30 tip.

Other patrons said al-Douri and his pal yukked it up during their dinner conversation - apparently a respite from a hard week of attacking the United States and seeing his boss send children into battle.
Another United Nations moment. And Pig Boy himself promised terrorist attacks on the United States.