Thursday, January 02, 2003

He's Picking, I'm Grinning
Tim Blair does a stint in the Augean stables in Balancing the blooper count. A small sample:
SMH television reviewer Bruce Elder demands perspective: "Just remember that while terrorists killed more than 3000 people in the events of 9/11, that 150,000 die each year (that's nearly 3000 a week) because of drunk driving throughout the United States. Perspective. That is what is needed most." What Bruce needs most is a calculator. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, 17,448 people died in alcohol-related road accidents in the US last year - around 2665 fewer per week than Elder alleges.

Ignorant Americans who "don't read quality newspapers or watch public broadcasting or travel overseas unprotected by tourist buses" present a "great danger for the world", according to The Age's Janet McCalman. If only they were more worldly and educated, like Osama bin Laden.
Well golly gee, not reading wingnut McCalman in the Age and missing those fine public broadcasting whinefests has me plumb upset, that's fer sure! But no tourist buses for me, Jan. I prefer an SUV. Although some of my acquaintances like a more robust model when visiting foreign lands.