Friday, December 27, 2002

She's baaaaack!
The NY Daily News reports Jailed Yank could win Peru trial:
Lori Berenson, the Manhattan woman sentenced to 20 years in a Peruvian prison, may get a new trial as Peru's top court prepared to declare its tough anti-terror laws unconstitutional.

Berenson, 33, was sentenced in 2001 to 20 years in prison on charges she collaborated with leftist rebels in a failed plot to seize Peru's Congress in 1995.

Her parents, Mark and Rhoda Berenson of Gramercy Park, hailed today's expected ruling by Peru's Constitutional Court that strikes down four legislative decrees.

"We hope she will have a chance for justice now and that the court will say she is free," Mark Berenson said last night.
In case, you don't keep up with the gas bubbles that roil the fetid swamp of American and worldwide leftism, the story in a nutshell goes like this.

Lori was on a extended Latin America tour working for "justice for the people". After an long stay in El Salvador and Nicaragua, working for the usual suspects, she headed down to Peru, when she fell into really bad company, namely the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA).

It seems that, among other things, she rented a large safe house where they were preparing an attack on the Peruvian Congress. She was convicted on various charges by a Peruvian military court in 1996 and sentenced to life in prison. That conviction was overturned and she was retried in 2001 in a civilian court and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Her annoying parents and leftists everywhere (her attorney was Ramsey Clark) are continually running campaigns to free the "innocent tyke" with copious pictures of the bespectacled waif behind bars. The only problem is that after her arrest the then fat and shrill Lori appeared on Peruvian TV to deliver a rant which did not endear her to the Peruvian public.
"There are no criminal terrorists in the MRTA. It is a revolutionary movement."
Ah yes, the best of Grammercy Park, as ugly American revolutionary.

I wonder if wearing garlic is effective against Lori and her pals?