Monday, December 02, 2002

Antlers in the Tree Alert!
(Via Free Republic) WMTW in Portland, Maine reports that Driver wants compensation for moose killed by her car:
A York County woman wants to be paid for the moose that was killed by her car but given away by police.

Lisa Pierce of Acton said a York County sheriff's deputy may have thought he was doing her a favor because she's a woman -- but he was wrong. And now Pierce wants to be compensated for the moose meat that she says is hers.

Pierce hit the moose with her car on Nov. 5. State law says a big-game animal killed by a car goes to the person who hit it -- as long as police are called and the vehicle is damaged.

Pierce said she knew about the law but lost track of the moose when three children riding with her were being treated for injuries in the accident.
In related news, those clever Swedes even have a moose crash test for cars. Hitting that has got to hurt!

If that's not enough, there is a drunken moose alert in Norway - it seems that some of them may be mean drunks.