Wednesday, August 14, 2002

They're All Bozoes On This Bus
NewsMax ran an item today about Hillary's "Director of Economic Development" who started to shed clothes in a NYC bar after more than a few high octane quaffs. While certainly amusing, the part that piqued my curiosity was a reference to a Sunday story about Terrible Terry and DNC spokesdroid, Jennifer Palmieri.
A tipsy-sounding Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe spoke to a New York radio station Friday night while traveling aboard a Las Vegas "Party Bus" outfitted with two wet bars, wall-to-wall leather couches and mirrors on the ceiling - minutes after he treated his entourage of aides and reporters to a streetside Elvis impersonation.

"Let me just say there have been some wild things that have occurred in this bus this day," the DNC's partier-in-chief revealed to WABC Radio's John Batchelor and Paul Alexander. "We have beers and everything," McAuliffe added with a barely suppressed giggle.

"You should be here in Vegas," McAuliffe insisted. "This is as good as it gets out here. We're in [DNC spokeswoman] Jennifer Palmieri's - I don't know what you call this thing."

"Oh my God!" Palmieri could be heard gasping in the background as McAuliffe rambled on.


McAuliffe's dizzy remarks came after spokesgal Palmieri described the "Party Bus," along with her boss's Elvis stunt, to the radio duo.

"Terry was posing [as Elvis] and they both had kind of that sly, thumbs-up sign." Then she announced, "I just got on this amazing party bus that we have procured for the night to take the national press corps out."

Palmieri, who used to be Bill Clinton's personal spokeswoman, described a scene reminiscent of her former boss's Oval Office boom-boom room.

"It has leather padded couches that wrap around the whole bus and two fully stocked bars," she told WABC. "And it has mirrors galore and sparkly lights. It's truly something to behold. Right now they're passing out beers."


The DNC spokesgal said she was ruling out Las Vegas as a possible site for the 2004 Democratic convention "based on tonight's activities."

She also predicted that the "party bus" stunt would win Democrats some favorable media coverage, telling the radio duo, "Given the treatment we're giving the national political reporters right now, you shouldn't be surprised if you see a big bump-up in how the Democrats are covered in the next few days."

But she quickly regretted the remark.

"I'm going to pay so dearly for that comment the rest of the night and the rest of the week," Palmieri said, before slipping back into party mode.

"You won't see [RNC chief] Marc Racicot doing this at Republican meetings," she boasted as the interview ended.
I can't seem to find a photo of this paragon on the web. Anyone spotted one? I'm curious as to what Bubba's former personal spokeswoman looks like.