Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama wants to grant political asylum to victims of domestic abuse

In keeping with Barack Obama's philosophy that the American taxpayer should pay up for every world problem, he now wants us to take care of foreign victims of domestic abuse:

The Obama administration has moved to grant political asylum to foreign women who suffer severe physical or sexual abuse from which they are unable to escape because it is part of the culture of their own countries.

The decision, made evident in a court case involving a battered women from Mexico, ends years of dispute over the issue which saw the Bush administration stall moves toward recognising domestic violence as legitimate grounds for asylum made during Bill Clinton's tenure.

Golly, that lets in women from every Third World country who claim to be abused. You think that the claims are going to be investigated in detail? Neither do I. More to the point, the solution for every world problem is not importing more applicants for the US welfare roles.

I have always said that the proof that the USA was too rich was that our political class had to import poor people for whom to develop "programs." Now, of course, so many are being imported that we can no longer pay for this hobby.