Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Zeituni gets another year at the trough

The Aunt Zeituni Hustle be one most powerful mojo dance, mon! Yep, Barack's wetback aunt Zeituni gets another year of taxpayer largesse:
Zeituni Onyango (zay-TUH'-nee awn-YAHN'-goh) had an initial appearance in U.S. Immigration Court in Boston on Wednesday. At the brief hearing, a judge set her case to be heard Feb. 4, 2010.

Onyango was ordered deported in 2004 but has continued to live in public housing in Boston. She wore a curly red wig and said nothing as she was led away from court Wednesday with federal protection.
Nice to hear that Zeituni was all duded up and has "federal protection," but why didn't the taxpayers' money just pay to put her on a plane instead?  Must be the new Obama plan for illegal aliens - ICE releases workers arrested in Washington raid:
SEATTLE – Many of the 28 workers arrested by immigration agents last month in a northwest Washington raid have been released and given permission to work, in another sign of how the Obama administration is handling illegal immigration differently than its predecessor.

The raid at a Yamato Engine Specialists plant in Bellingham was the first mass arrest of immigrants since President Barack Obama took office and appeared to contradict his policy that federal agents focus more on employers who hire undocumented workers than on the workers themselves. Shortly after the arrests, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano ordered a review of the raid.

The Bellingham Herald reported that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement gave the immigrants work permits or the option of returning to their native country.
Cool - get caught and get a work permit or a free trip home. How long before the wetbacks start to line up in front of ICE headquarters? Actually probably not, because Naploitano isn't really interested in catching any more Democrat voters, er illegal aliens anyhow.