Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Doing the Aunt Zeituni Hustle

We haven't heard much about Barack Obama's wetback (and illegal campaign contributor) aunt Zeituni lately as she has been hiding out with relatives in Cleveland, but she did surface to party with Ohio Democrats after Bozo Obama's inauguration. (I would observe that any of Aunt Zeituni's relatives are also Barack's relatives and wonder about their immigration status, but why be picky?)

Critics, outraged that she is living in taxpayer-funded public housing while thousands of citizens and legal immigrants are on waiting lists, are scrutinizing the case for political favoritism.
Onyango's fate will play out behind closed doors before Judge Leonard Shapiro in Boston. Onyango's lawyer, Margaret Wong of Ohio, successfully argued to reopen her case in December and have the proceedings closed to the public, according to the Executive Office for Immigration Review, which oversees immigration courts.
Wong has not responded to repeated requests for comment. But her spokesman told the Cleveland Plain Dealer in January that Onyango would present new evidence to back an asylum claim. 
Er, asylum?
Onyango's request is being reconsidered under a little-used provision in U.S. immigration rules that allows denied asylum claims to be reheard if applicants can show that something has changed to make them eligible.

Such as the ascension of her nephew to the presidency of the world's most powerful country.

"If she goes back to Kenya, she is going to be much more in the limelight, and that, in and of itself, could put her at a greater risk. The chances of her going back and keeping a low profile are gone at this point," said Boston immigration attorney Ilana Greenstein.
It's the celebrity asylum defense! Sounds like an open door for the seeming hundreds of other Obama relatives in Kenya. They can move right to the People's Republic of Massachusetts and get on the dole with preferential treatment from Obama pal Deval Patrick's bureaucrats.