Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More John Edwards hijinks revealed!

Reille Hunter and Edwards love child
Yep, it's Wednesday and so it's time for the Enquirer's JOHN EDWARDS BLOCKBUSTER NEW EXPOSE! It looks like they saved the really hot stuff for the paper edition, but there are still plenty of naughty bits. For instance, the day before Edwards gave his faux confession, Rielle took the Love Child for a $50,000 private jet ride and:

THE ENQUIRER tracked Rielle to St. Croix where our reporters discovered Rielle and the baby stayed in a luxurious oceanfront home owned by controversial trial lawyer Lee Rohn, another close friend of Edwards.

When visited by an ENQUIRER reporter on August 15, Rohn snapped a terse “No comment!” when questioned about Hunter.
After the ENQUIRER discovered Rielle’s hideaway with Rohn, she was moved to a motel on the island before returning to Santa Barbara on August 17 according to another source.

An ENQUIRER reporter then saw Rielle back in her California home, which is being paid for by Edwards’ former finance chairman Fred Baron.

And Rielle now has an off-duty police officer guarding her house.

None of this is paid for by Rielle. The money continues to come from Edwards’s network of loyal supporters, with no explanation from Edwards why he is having his friends continue to support Rielle now that the affair has been made public.

Edwards is not only aware of the hush money payoffs but orchestrated it with his team of former campaign advisors and now The ENQUIRER has discovered that a team of six more lawyers have been involved in the coverup and are funneling payments to Hunter, who has no money and no means of support.
I guess she just relies on the kindness of strangers. Heck, I said I was willing to help!

Anyhow, I promised naughty:
A friend of Rielle’s told The ENQUIRER that when Edwards and Rielle met, “She wanted to pick him up. According to her, the chemistry was instant.

“They ended up sleeping together that night!”

Rielle told her friend that she was hired to shoot behind-the-scenes video for the Presidential campaign because Edwards wanted them to be together.

“A friend kidded her she was actually shooting ‘between-the-sheets’ videos!”
Johnny Reid, you devil, you!