Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hillary Clinton, The Comeback Crone

Hillary Clinton the comeback crone
The media foolishness over the presidential primaries continues unabated with the story of Hillary's "miraculous comeback" in New Hampshire being the latest jape. The so-called comeback is based on media polls that had her substantially behind after leading for weeks and were proved wrong on election day. There's only a story there if the pollsters are perceived to have some faint idea of what is actually going on and it is quite evident that they don't. I am surprised though that the usual Donk wingnuts aren't claiming a Karl Rove fraud conspiracy as a result.

Moreover, the net result was that Obama and Hillary tied with 9 elected New Hampshire delegates each and since Obama snagged 3 NH super-delegates and Hillary only 2, ole Hussein actually won the state. Don't expect anyone to pay attention to the messy details though - it's a comeback because the media says it is.