Wednesday, January 30, 2008

As usual, the joke is on us

There's nothing like 3 congenital liars in a rickshaw. I especially like ole John McCain saying his win in Florida was a "conservative victory," because, well heck, I always appreciate the drivel dished out by guests on our planet.

Hold on - here's a news update:
(2008-01-30) — Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards today quit the race for the Democrat presidential nomination, and immediately endorsed Republican frontrunner Sen. John McCain.

“As the presidential field narrows,” Sen. Edwards will reportedly say at an afternoon news conference, “I just didn’t feel there would be room in the race for two white males who favor leniency for illegal aliens, who opposed Bush’s tax cuts for the rich, who fight man-made global warming, who support limits on so-called free speech in political campaigns, who have worked to hinder approval of conservative judicial nominees, and who stand against the Bush administration’s desire to torture terror suspects with waterboarding.”
(Photo stolen from Free Republic.)