Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Isn't that special?

From the Boston Herald - State trooper accused of transgender bias:
A transgender woman is alleging discrimination against a state trooper who called her “buddy” and “guy” and arrested her after she was caught speeding, flipped off the trooper, then stepped into traffic on Interstate 495.

Clairese Renee Morgan of Malden has filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and wants troopers to go through mandatory training in transgender issues, according to Bay Windows newspaper.
Hmm, I wonder if "butthead" is OK?

And in related news, also from the Boston Herald, Con: Fund my sex change:
Not satisfied with his taxpayer-funded female hormones and laser hair removal, a convicted killer-turned-transsexual is again asking the state to pony up to complete his transformation into a woman.

Robert Kosilek, who is serving life in prison for strangling his wife, was back in federal court yesterday, again demanding that the state Department of Correction pay for his sex-change operation.
Kosilek, 57, claims he is suicidal and needs the sex change for “medical” reasons.

A psychiatrist testified in federal court that Kosilek - who is now known as Michelle - will kill himself if the surgery is not allowed.
And the problem is what, exactly? It surely makes one pine for the days of "Old Sparky." Clicking through yields a fetching snap of "Michelle."