Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Today's Hoot!

From the Great White North, Paul Albers provides Pass The Popcorn, Belinda Is On!:
I was amused by how many people expected me to join in the weeping and wailing over the defection of Belinda Stronach. I was so pleased with the news that I sent her a thank you note. I enjoy having time prove me right.

Those who openly questioned her abilities, qualification and commitment were written off as jealous or sexist dinosaurs. Most of the media was so intent on selling the myth that she was a sharp, capable and popular conservative that they overlooked nearly all evidence to the contrary.

As a leadership candidate Belinda was unimpressive. The only successes on her resume were her wealth and her position of CEO at Magna. But they were not achieved by hard work; they were handed to her. It was painfully obvious that she did not even have a rudimentary grasp of the issues. She stayed away from unscripted events and media sponsored debates.

Her speeches relied heavily on focus group tested platitudes ('We need to bake a bigger economic pie') woodenly delivered and peppered with valley girl interjections of 'like' and 'ya know'. She began her final speech at the leadership convention saying "I am throwing away my script and will speak from the heart." and then proceeded to read from the script in her hands.

Through it all the media largely gave her a pass. She was new, she was glamorous, the camera loved her, and more importantly she was not a conservative from the west. In fact she was not a conservative at all.
Just like in the States, the Canadian media loves a phony conservative. More by following the link including the amusing prospect of Bimbo Belinda struggling through a Question Period.