Sunday, May 22, 2005

Some things you just can't make up

Nelson sunk by PC raiding party:
ADMIRAL NELSON saw off the mighty Franco-Spanish fleet at the battle of Trafalgar but 200 years on, he has been sunk by a wave of political correctness.

Organisers of a re-enactment to mark the bicentenary of the battle next month have decided it should be between “a Red Fleet and a Blue Fleet” not British and French/Spanish forces.

Otherwise they fear visiting dignitaries, particularly the French, would be embarrassed at seeing their side routed.
Sheesh, why don't they just have a wine and cheese party? With doilies.
“It seems remarkable that we are not saying this is Britain versus France in this re-enactment. Surely 200 years on, we can afford to gloat a bit. Not even the French can try and get snooty about this.”
Of course they can, but why are French dignitaries attending a bicentenary celebration of the Battle of Trafalgar in the first place?