Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Kinda sounds like terrorists to me

(Via SondraK) Anti-illegals activists threatened: Hispanic group suggests food workers might taint food at Vegas summit:
A radical anti-American group working for the establishment of a separate Hispanic nation in the southwest U.S. has threatened attendees of an anti-illegal immigration conference in Las Vegas planned for this weekend, saying Mexican food workers might cause "Montezuma's Revenge" among those they serve.
Intentionally rather than through poor sanitation, I guess.
A news release from La Voz de Aztlan – which sees its struggle for a separate state with Los Angeles as its capital as similar to that of the Palestinians in the Middle East – announces that leaders of the "USA Anti-Mexican Movement" – Aztlan's own term – will be meeting this weekend in Las Vegas.

States the group: "The 'Who's Who List of Xenophobes' will be at the Plaza Hotel on Friday May 27, Saturday May 28 and Sunday May 29 to coordinate the vigilante operations they plan to undertake along the California/Mexico border on June through August."
Patricia Saye is co-founder of Wake Up America.

"What's so funny about this is the event is not being held at the Plaza Hotel," she told WND. "It's being held at the Cashman Theatre."
Too bad the wiseguys don't still run Las Vegas.