Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tying up some loose ends

Jay Tea provides the definitive short history of Ted Kennedy in Ted Kennedy's Female Troubles. I always figured that the Reggie marriage was arranged as a political family alliance like the ones among royalty in days of yore. The Kennedys got someone to take care of the souse and keep him out of trouble; and the Reggies got access to the political big time that they wouldn't have achieved on their own. Like most political marriages, things didn't work out quite as planned. Best line:
Kennedy's womanizing ways are a Washington legend. When a supermarket tabloid published pictures of Kennedy getting "amorous" with a woman on his sailboat, one of his colleagues (Senator Howell Heflin) remarked that it appeared that Kennedy "had done changed his position on offshore drilling."
It also reminded of one of the details of one of my favorite Teddy events, the waitress sandwich:
In 1985, he and Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd allegedly made a "waitress sandwich" at a DC restaurant while their dates were in the rest room.
I'll bet that put a damper on the evening!

Meanwhile over at Small Dead Animals, Kate explains the Canadian media spin on the Liberal Party implosion in Santa In Liberal Party Colours:
I've yet to hear much on radio this morning about this (on Rawlco or on CBC). Instead, they've been pimping the "Canadians don't want an election right now" meme, an assist for Paul Martin's "wait for Gomery" lifeline grab.
So, elaborate, please. This alleged dread of elections is conspicuously silent on specifics. What precisely is the source for this Great National Reluctance we are supposed to be gripped with? An aversion to unprotected pencil sharing? The time required to study up on the letter 'X'?
"Canadians don't want an election now".

They must think we're idiots.
That appears to be the operative plan. And not just in Canada.

And remember actor James Woods' tale of an odd pre-9/11 plane flight with some folks of a Middle Eastern persuasion? Well, REPORT: MOHAMMED ATTA WAS ON FLIGHT WITH ACTOR JAMES WOODS.

I saw the odd news story about a "slap fight" between Senators John Kerry and Mark Dayton, but thought it was a traveler's tale from Bizarro World. John Hinderaker 'splains it in Kerry Wants A Mulligan. Best lines:
The most striking thing about this story to me was that Kerry and Dayton were simultaneously present on the Senate floor. Rumor has it that Kerry is so determined to run again in three years that he has resolved, after twenty years in the Senate, to begin actually performing his duties there.
Who was that tall stiff stranger standing next to the guy with the tinfoil beanie?
Kerry won't be the Dems' nominee in '08. If last fall's election proved anything, it was that Kerry isn't a very good Presidential candidate. The Dems weren't in love with Kerry last year, but turned to him in a panic when Howard Dean imploded. Kerry is finished as a Presidential contender, I think, but he could perform one last valuable service. If he is really so determined to run again that he is angry about losing the endorsement of Mark Dayton, who is retiring next year and by 2008 won't be in a position to influence any voters outside his immediate family, Kerry might be fired up enough to go after Clinton hard during the primaries. That would make his candidacy worthwhile.
Sorry, but Hillary will knock him off before he lays a glove on her.

I haven't been commenting much on the Bolton nomination in order to spare my blood pressure, but check out Betsy's Page:
Bill Kristol is so right. If having a temper and disagreeing with career bureaucrats is a disqualifier for holding high public office than most senators should be kicked out.
and Kevin Aylward:
The New York Times splashes "confidential e-mails" none of which were sent by Bolton, where some whinny career bureaucrats snivel about the health effects of having their opinions questioned.

Is that what we've become, an nation of sniveling cowards? God help us if that level of pussification, even by inside the Beltway standards, is what's considered normal.
Wee timorous beasties.