Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Different strokes for different folks

Hollywood eco-Moonbats Praise Third World Hardship:
Moonbat cum laude Cameron Diaz has teamed up with fellow Hollywood moonbat Drew Barrymore in a new MTV eco-tourism series called "Trippin'."

The program, which premiered on March 28th, features movie stars Diaz and Barrymore jet-setting and SUV-ing to Third World backwaters in Honduras, Tanzania, Nepal and Chile, while praising primitive tribal lifestyles and bashing the developed world's way of life.

During an episode of the program in which the opulent duo visited a remote village in Chile that had no running water, sanitary facilities or electricity, Diaz scolded Americans, saying, "It's kinda gotten out of hand how much convenience we think we need, " while Barrymore gushed how wonderful it was not to have had access to a toilet, "I took a poo in the woods hunched over like an animal. It was awesome," she said. Diaz, clearly looking forward to having the same quasi-religious experience, said,"I am so jealous right now, I am going -- I am going to the woods tomorrow."
I hope the girls had a truly authentic experience!

UPDATE: Head over to Rand Simberg's for more hillarity.