Thursday, October 28, 2004

What better reason to vote for President Bush could you ask for?

George Soros at the National Press Club:
Asked what he will do if George W. Bush wins another term, Soros lamented, “I shall go into some kind of monastery."
Now, that I'd like to see! Actually, Number 1 is more likely to buy the monastery.

But the comedy doesn't stop there:
Competing for attention at the National Press Club was a contingent from the National Legal and Policy Center that has been shadowing Soros during his recent appearances in the swing states of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida.

At a separate press conference, the Center announced the formation of their “Soros Truth Squad,” touting the fact that just hours before, it had filed suit with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaining of the activities of two nonprofit organizations that hosted Soros’ current round of anti-Bush speeches.

Also the subject of formal complaint by the Center: Soros himself. The Center alleges that Soros has failed to report “significant travel, public relations and other costs associated with his speaking tour.”
Meanwhile at the luncheon, NewsMax was on hand to ask Soros about the just filed complaint. With no small amount of irony, Soros replied, “It’s a shady group supported by a shady billionaire...”
That Blofeld! He's sure a card! More billionaire bloviations by following the link.

UPDATE: On another religious note, Rodger shows us what happens when George Soros gets to Hell.