Sunday, October 24, 2004

Remember Ted! No tail while on the trail!

Today, Teddy Kennedy took his campaign for Lurch to Sunday services at the Mount Airy Church of God in Christ in Philadelphia:

Good question, ladies:
Airy Church of God in Christ (sic) congregation members Daron Patterson, 91, right, and Verlinzia Maiden holding their Jon Kerry fans listen to Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., speaks from the pulpit during morning church service at Mount (sic) in Philadelphia Sunday, Oct. 24, 2004. Kennedy stumping for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., urged the congregation to vote for Kerry.
Of course, that completely violates the church's tax exempt status, but Donks don't seem to worry about that much. Particularly with black churches where an IRS investigation can always be answered with cries of racism. Of course, sometimes there is a dubious fiction that the event is apolitical. Cut to the local Rev:
"I can't tell you who to vote for," E.C. Morris Sr. told his congregation after Kennedy finished speaking Sunday. "But I can tell you what my mamma told me last week: Stay out the Bushes."
I hope ole E.C. wasn't the brightest kid in the family.