Wednesday, October 27, 2004

More Nurturing from Wide Load Liz Edwards!

"For too long, Republican-fueled hate has kept gays fearful and in the closet, often with tragic consequences," she explained. "For example, even today gay men are frequently locked in loveless marriages of convenience, for no other reason than to provide a flimsy facade to society."

"This is a tragedy for everyone, particularly the unsuspecting wife," said Edwards. "She is that plain small town girl who meets the handsome -- yet oddly fussy -- prelaw student at the fraternity smoker, her undeveloped 'gay-dar' too weak to recognize his obsessive hair primping and unusual effeminate chattiness.
He wins a high political office, and cruises the bars of Georgetown while she stays home alone with the children, drowning her pain in quart after quart of Hagen Daaz, wondering what happened to her life as she balloons past 215 pounds."
Ruh Oh!

Actually it's Iowahawk, but he has the smarminess just right. And while you're there, check out More October Surprises Found.