Saturday, October 30, 2004

It's not the Onion! But it could be.

Coin From an ‘Alien Civilization’:
Al-JOUF, 29 October 2004 — A Saudi newspaper yesterday reported the discovery of what it called a rare coin with unique features that belonged to an ancient civilization. The paper said the coin had an inscription in an unknown language that was not English. It described the coin as having a palm tree with eight branches, a woman sunbathing, a ship and a castle with a dome.

According to the newspaper, the coin belonged to an ancient civilization that flourished in Al-Jouf.

The strange thing is that the “strange” coin, which the paper claimed had an inscription in an unknown language, had Puerto Rico inscribed clearly on it. The coin is believed to have been left behind by one of the tourists visiting the area and does not belong to any ancient civilization as claimed by the newspaper.

Sheesh! But I have even worse news, fellas! It's obviously a charm from a charm bracelet (notice the little eyelets?) and Puerto Rico uses US currency.

Hat tip: Silent Running.