Friday, October 29, 2004

Biscuits and gravy

Jonah Goldberg:
But my favorite response was when he was asked if we'd have gone to war with Iraq if he'd been president, and he shot back confidently, "You bet we might have."

Appearing on "Hairball", Evan Thomas, Ass. Editor, Newsweek:
THOMAS: Well, we know from a lot of the polls that at least half the country doesn‘t believe a thing that we say.

George Neumayr:
About the reaction to Rather's use of forged documents, Brokaw said, "I think there were people just lying in the Internet bushes, waiting to strike, and I think that particular episode gave them a big opportunity." This is a very childish line of reasoning, akin to a juvenile delinquent complaining about the existence of cops.

A big surprise:
France will be always on the side of the Palestinian Authority leader Yasser Arafat, French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier declared Thursday.

Michael Moore was on BBC TV last night. What a smug fat git...: (BBC "story" with video is here)
"Question Time" is a BBC political panel based discussion show. Generally it's has a left wing biased, conservative bashing forum (what else? it's the BBC) and the audience (participating) always seems to be made up of shifty lefty angry militant types. You get the picture? Good.

Last night, the program relocated to Miami and had a largely American panel and audience. Michael Moore was a panelist.

Thankfully, we don't see much of Moore on UK TV. What an obnoxious, pumped up, smug fat illegitimate he is. I watched some of this show and he came across as a juvenile, self satisfied, loud mouthed jerk.
Comment: I paid to see Michael Moore last night, in "Team America: World Police." He blew up real good!