Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The VRWC hired a dog to eat their homework too!

Discriminations is keeping track of all the "tragic accidents" and "dirty tricks" that have befallen the Lurch campaign and a sad story it is. From being tripped on the ski slopes to having an inferior pumpkin spice cookie recipe attributed to Empress Teresa, they are firming up their application for victimhood. However, there's one I hadn't noticed before:
When Kerry bounced the ceremonial first pitch of a Yankees - Red Sox game in the dirt, it was only because he "held back" and "tried to lob it gently" out of concern for the National Guard soldier and Iraq veteran who was standing in as catcher.
And from half way to the plate from the mound, yet. He's truly a caring guy, I guess, and all along I just thought he threw like a girl like the kids interviewed on NPR.