Wednesday, August 04, 2004

More corn!

Or maybe it's cheese - Campaign takes on a cheesy look:
9:15 a.m. CDT - Sen. John F. Kerry takes a 25-minute bike ride in Milwaukee, where he held a rally the night before. Leaving the hotel, he is accompanied on his ride by two Secret Service bikers, two Secret Service SUVs, about a dozen motorcycle cops and a few police cars with sirens blaring.
Too bad there aren't any snaps of that!
4 p.m. - The Kerry bus tour stops in Monroe, Wis., for stops at a cheese store and tavern and then a tour of the Huber Brewery. Kerry gets some chili, Heinz Kerry has a cheese sandwich and buys some cheese on the way out. They step outside and chat with the brewmaster, then both have some beer - but no more cheese.

6 p.m. - The bus tour rolls along rural roads throughout southern Wisconsin as people watch from their front porches or gather to wave from the sidewalks of small towns. At one point, Kerry sticks his head out the bus window and inexplicably holds out two ears of corn.
Yeehaw! Maybe they grabbed some takeout beer to go with the cheese!