Friday, August 06, 2004

How predictable is this?

The Boston Globe's Michael Kranish got the flying monkey call and reported for duty. Small problem, his story that one of the Swift Boat veterans was retracting his criticism of Lurch was horsepucky. But that's OK, I'm sure his job is secure at the Globe. Besides he has been making a side career of books canonizing the Lurchster.

I liked the comment from Boston Herald editor, Ken Chandler during the Democrat convention
“The Globe is a Times wannabe, but it can’t quite pull it off,” Chandler said last week, as he sat in his office. “We are just trying to extract some news from an event where there isn’t any. We knew that the Globe was going to give it a big blow job. If I produced a newspaper as boring as the Globe, I’d kill myself.”
The folks at the Globe seem to be good at that Lewinsky stuff. I wonder if Lurch says he will respect them afterward?

So what's next, Flying Monkeys?