Sunday, August 01, 2004

And while we are on the subject

The John Kerry Question Fairy is reporting for duty!
Naked Ambition Lunch

Okay, I can understand wanting to eat something better than Wendy's chili. Heck, even us unwashed Walmart Scum that infest the voting world with our parochial ideas of love and war occasionally lift our eyes to the Wendy's menu and dream of steak instead of chili. But that does NOT mean that we are stupid. Stupid defined as:

if we ordered food for ourselves at a five-star restaurant, we wouldn't stop at a Wendy's to go pretend to order lunch, then interrupt a Marine's meal for a photo-op.

Hell, these boys are going to Iraq, how about you buy THEM the five star meal?

Why of course no! The shrimp vindallo, sea scallops, prosciutto, steak salad and "wrapped stuffed chicken" are for the parties of Mr. Kerry, Mr. Edwards, and Mr. Affleck, you goose. Back to the buses!
More by following the link. The Question Fairy has obviously never heard the ultimate Kerry Question: 'Do you know who I am?"