Tuesday, August 03, 2004

And speaking of the Wingnut Empress

Heinz Kerry: Four More Years of 'Hell' if Bush Wins. Maybe there's been a shortage of caviar and champers for the private jet!

More details in the reliably liberal Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
"Everything is at stake!" Kerry told thousands of supporters who packed into Pere Marquette Park and lined the opposite side of the river. "Jobs! Health care! Education! Civil liberties! Civil rights! The Constitution! Social Security! Medicare! Our children! The environment! Our future! All of it is on the line."
Who knew?
The high-stakes intensity of the campaign could also be seen Monday in noisy confrontations between Kerry and Bush supporters and the use of bullhorns and air horns by a small group of Bush supporters to try to disrupt the speeches, prompting Kerry and his wife to respond to what the candidate termed "goons."
"We don't want to be drowned out," Kerry said. "I want to thank George Bush for sending the goons here tonight to excite us to do a little more work! Thank you!"
We'll see how Lurch describes the thugs planning violence in New York with Teresa's money. I'm betting they'll be "voices that need to be heard".