Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Mass hysteria alert!

Here's a triple shock since it comes from from the AP via the SF Chronicle! Colleges perfect milieu for hate crime hoaxes:
More than 20 hate crime hoaxes have been suspected or confirmed at college campuses nationwide in the past seven years as students draw on the socially conscious atmosphere of a college campus to perpetrate their fraud.
What a surprise! All along I thought that college campuses were hotbeds of hate!
"A person who is a victim of a hate crime can probably expect to get almost universal sympathy on a college campus. Out in the world at large, that's not necessarily true," said Mark Potok, who has researched hate crime for the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Southern Poverty Law Center! It's a quadruple shock!
"But on a college campus, you are very likely to get the support of the administration, the faculty and virtually all the students. It tends to put you in the limelight very quickly."
It doesn't hurt that most campus leftoids think that any disagreement with them is a "hate crime."

More by following the link, but here's my fave:
Sometimes hoaxes are staged for what seem like relatively trivial reasons. A San Francisco State student, Allison Jackson, now 21, reported to police in September that someone wrote a racial slur on a dorm room door.

After being confronted with a handwriting analysis, Jackson said she faked the incident, according to a campus police report, because she wanted "a roommate change" and housing officials were taking too long to respond.
At least she didn't burn down the dorm!