Sunday, April 18, 2004

Jaime says she didn't have sex with that woman!

I was going to say something unkind about Jaime Gorelick's self-aggrandizing whine in the Washington Post, but Big Trunk has already handled it at Power Line in The Clinton Shuffle. A brief excerpt:
Jamie Gorelick purports to tell "The truth about the wall" in a column for the Washinton Post this morning. The column performs an exercise in bobbing and weaving that recalls the glory days of the Clinton administration and that can stand as a lesson to spinmeiesters everywhere.

The column addresses the controversy raised by Gorelick's 1995 memo on the investigations and prosecutions related to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The ground rules dividing intelligence gathering from law enforcement derive from the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Act, as Gorelick correctly notes; she is not herself the mother of "the wall."

However, Gorelick simply omits reference to the statement in her 1995 memo that straightforwardly describes the instructions set forth in her memo as "go[ing] beyond what is legally required" in order to avoid the appearance that the Justice Department was seeking to evade FISA. Why does Gorelick omit mention of this self-explanatory statement? Gorelick's maneuvers show that Gorelick has learned from the president she served but whose name she also omits to mention in the column.
Why was Jaime on the commission in the first place? And why is she still there?