Thursday, March 11, 2004

We're from the UN. We're here to help. Ourselves.

Claudia Rossett has the latest on the scandal in the unlamented United Nations' Oil for Bureaucrats Food program. And guess who's a star player? It's Kofi's son, Kojo! Hey, what good's having a dad who's a big bureaucrat, if you can't get a gig?

And speaking of bloated bureaucrats, there's always Benon Sevan, the big UN cheese at Oil for Bureaucrats. If you like forensic accounting of financial swindles, you'll love Therese Raphael's article today in the WSJ on Bevon's entry on Saddam's payroll.

Hey, I have an idea! Why don't we put the UN in charge of the world's oceans?
When I first heard of the LOST (Law Of the Sea Treaty), it sounded like a bad plot for a science-fiction movie.

In the '60s and '70s, when the United Nations organized and led a series of conferences on the Law of the Sea, most considered the idea too weird to be taken seriously.

However, this maritime nightmare is about to become a reality.

The LOST was hatched by a group of internationalists who want to give the United Nations control of seven-tenths of the earth's surface area. It creates an International Seabed Authority to regulate the vast oceans and everything that happens beneath these waters, as well as everything that travels above or below their surfaces.

In addition, it would – for the very first time – create a revenue stream for the United Nations and give this onerous international bureaucracy true independence from its member nations.

Under the LOST, the United Nations would have the power to tax any and every type of sea-going vessel, as well as any type of ocean research and exploration. In fact, it would give the United Nations absolute control of these activities.
Be still my heart! And the best part is that everything wet will be run by a crack United Nations Authority that has already been set up with a headquarters in Jamaica. Maybe Kojo needs a little fun in the sun!

The only real question is why the Bush Administration and the Republicans in Congress are playing along with this farce.