Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Noblesse Oblige Alert!

The guiding principle of today's Democrat party seems to be that a collection of trust fund babies should tell us little people what to do because, well, they're better than we are. Yeah, I know there are the Hollywierdos, the union thugs, and the race baiters along for the ride, but the storyline is that it's the idle rich folks like John and Teresa Kerry who will uplift us petit bourgeois types and make us do the right thing despite our selfish inclinations. After all, they know best.

I don't rightly care what the silver spoon crowd believes in its heart of hearts, but it's always mildly amusing when this meme surfaces from their brown nosers in the press. The other day I mentioned a Deutsche Welle article whose author waxed ecstatic that
While Bush has had limited foreign travel experience -- when he was 21 he listed his only foreign travel as a vacation trip to Scotland -- Kerry attended a Swiss boarding school and when he receives envoys from Paris in Washington, he chats with them in fluent French. His wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, was born in Mozambique, studied in South Africa and Switzerland and is fluent in five languages herself.
Of course, they failed to mention ole Jawnee regularly vacations in France:
Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, Johnny to his French friends, is much loved in the Brittany seaside town of St. Briac best known for its golf and harbor.

Francois, a bar keeper there, said, "We see him every summer -- he is Chirac's revenge against America."
Woohoo, we're talking impeccable credentials here. Maybe if Jawnee got elected, he would have a "French White House" during the summer instead of some dusty place inhabited by the hoi polloi like Crawford, Texas.

But if you want to really tap into this kind of stuff, you need to check this gusher about Teresa:
"I realize both through the work I'm doing and everything that's happening in the world and in our own country, we have to put ourselves forth, and that it's going to take all of our effort to really improve the country," Heinz Kerry said in a recent interview with The Associated Press.
Maybe she wants to redecorate!
That's not to say Teresa (pronounced teh-RAY'-zah) was immediately warm to the idea of Kerry running for the White House, which inevitably has taken her away from her full-time work on environmental, health care and women's issues as head of the $1.2 billion Heinz Foundation endowment.

"I decided at my age I have no more right to be selfish. That's how I decided," she said.
TehRAYzah's full time work seems to be passing out her dead husband's dough to left wing wackos like the Tides Foundation, but I digress. Isn't it swell that she took time out from her busy schedule to help out us little people?
"She's in touch with so many important issues that are associated with this country: the environment, human rights, dealings with issues of poverty and race, and so forth, all of which she's quite conversant in and passionate about," said Bill Strickland, a longtime friend of the Heinzes and president and CEO of Manchester Bidwell Corp., a job training center in Pittsburgh.
Wealth has extended certain other privileges to Heinz Kerry. She owns homes in Idaho, Nantucket, Mass., Pittsburgh and the Georgetown section of Washington. She has a private jet at her disposal. She and Kerry once paid to have a fire hydrant moved from near their $7 million home in the historic Beacon Hill section of Boston after her car was ticketed for parking too close.
And she cares about us!