Tuesday, March 09, 2004

He's back

And already kicking butt:
Overheard in the men's room immediately following a Fort Lauderdale fundraiser, at which the Junior Senator from Massachusetts waxed internationalist:

Campaign Strategist: "Gee, Senator, I don't know. I mean, all that stuff about having the tacit support of a bunch of foreign leaders? And then not even naming any of them? That might have been a bit much..."

Kerry: "Well, there's Jacques, of course. And Gerhard. And that little Korean fella, the cute one with the wild hair and the spent nuclear fuel rods--"

Campaign Strategist: "-- Yeah. You see, that's precisely what I'm talking about. Tactically speaking, I'm not sure we should be pushing that particular angle..."

Kerry: "-- Ooh, and Kofi! I almost forgot Kofi...!"