Sunday, March 07, 2004

Apparently IQ's dropped while I was away

Although it may not be apparent to Northerners, it's spring planting time along the border of "God, Guts, and Guns" country so I have a variety of chores that have cut down on the blogging. But it's nice to see that there are no worries about the national asshat crop this year.

I'll let Terpsboy lead off the ball with When "progressives" are in charge. Here's my fave:
One member of the University Planning Committee voiced concern when the UoP announced mandatory "racism seminars" for all their students. She said she felt mandatory seminars were unconstitutional and said she had "deep regard for the individual and my desire to protect the freedoms of all members of society." A university administrator sent the note back to the committee member with the word "individual" circled and in the margin had written, "This is a RED FLAG phrase today, which is considered by many to be RACIST. Arguments that champion the individual over the group ultimately privileges[sic] the individuals who belong to the largest or dominant group."
Who knew? Much more rich nutty goodness by following the link.

Then over at Powerline, they have John Kerry's interview with the SF Chronicle editorial board. You have to read the whole thing to get the full effect, but the punchline was:
So Kerry was "misled" because he believed that Bush didn't mean what Bush said. Talk about your dirty tricks...
Hey, for Kerry it is - he never means what he says.

And to get an early start on tax season - Why do Russians have the flat tax but we don't?

Now that Geroge Soros got his "Campaign Finance Reform" bill passed, we have all the dingleberries he has funded, like, running campaign ads with unlimited soft money. Ooops, my mistake, they aren't campaign ads because they aren't "coordinated" with any candidate's national campaign. From a MoveOn missive to the minions that I received:
Dear MoveOn member,

It's now clear that John Kerry will be our Democratic nominee. And that means we've reached one of the most important points in the race to defeat George Bush.

Today President Bush begins airing the first of his campaign ads. He's amassed a campaign fund of more than $100 million to use for this purpose. Now that the nominee's known, the Bush campaign and allied groups will "go nuclear," saturating the air waves in swing states with ads intended to frame the contest early.

Senator Kerry is coming off a long and hard primary fight during which much of his money has been spent. But as the media focus on him and he steps into the role of the Democratic nominee, he also has an opportunity to frame the choice before voters. The big question is whether Kerry will have the resources in this key moment to powerfully respond to the Republican attacks and present his positive vision for our country.

Together, we can answer this question. If you've been holding off on contributing to a Presidential campaign, now's the time to jump in. We have a Democratic nominee, and he needs our support today. Please join us in contributing $5, $50, or $500 today to the Kerry campaign at: .
I won't quote the whole thing, but you get the idea. I'd hate to see what "coordinated" would be. Not surprisingly, the GOP is all over this. Stay tuned for the whines about "chilling effects".

And saving the best for last, I see the usual suspects trotted out a few relatives of 9/11 victims who are having a big sad that President Bush's campaign ads had the audacity to mention 9/11. No word on what alternative reality they hail from where 9/11 isn't part of this year's campaign. If you look long enough you can always find some wingnuts, so I'm not too surprised; but it is kind of neat they are the poster children of a "peace" organization sponsored by Lurch's spouse with her dead husband's dough (UPDATE: More here). What was truly disgusting though, was the incredible pandering of the news media who would have us common folk think these people were ordinary citizens instead of delusional pond scum.