Sunday, February 22, 2004

He's back

And he's got a big sad on! Former President Carter says Americans generally oblivious to suffering elsewhere in the world
NORTHFIELD, MINN. -- Former President Jimmy Carter delivered a Saturday sermon to a standing-room-only crowd at St. Olaf College, condemning the American people as much as their leaders for what he called their indifference to the disease and despair that prevail in much of the developing world.
Nice to see that the mooncalf is bleating the same old song. And he had a receptive audience:
He was greeted with foot-stomping rapture, applauded not only in the college's Skoglund Center gymnasium but again in the lobby by audience members who disobeyed a request and sneaked outside to watch him be escorted to his car.
"I saw Jimmah get into his car!" Must have been tasty Kool-Aid.

Jimmy's solution, of course, is for the taxpayers to fork over. He also opined
He said he believes that the Bush administration has squandered the opportunity offered by the global outpouring of goodwill after Sept. 11, and it now needs to exit Iraq with as much dignity as it can manage, while remaining responsible for the security of that nation's people.
Typical Jimmy moonshine, but hey, he's an expert!
Although Carter is remembered for his emphasis on human rights and peace, he also emphasized, in a question that challenged him on the need to maintain military strength to maintain peace, that he is a veteran. Indeed, among presidents since the Civil War, he said, he ranks second only to Dwight Eisenhower, supreme Allied commander in Europe in World War II, for his number of years of military service.
Based on his record as president, we're lucky he didn't blow up the submarines he served on. Or turn them over to the locals in some pest hole to use as a greenhouse.