Thursday, November 06, 2008

The MSM doesn't even pretend anymore

Obama bitch Chris Matthews
Sheesh, the mainstream media used to pretend to nonpartisan truth seeking. Now they don't even bother. Tom Shales in the WaPo:
Network anchors and reporters vied for airtime in which to express their own elation at Obama's win, and a sometimes inappropriate personal sense of victory; were reporters who said they were thrilled by Obama's winning sort of confirming charges of pro-Obama bias that had been leveled by McCain forces during the campaign?
Ya think? Ole Tom is the style columist and perhaps a little slow on spotting horse crap.

"Morning Joe" show on MSNBC had Joe Scarborough talking to Chris Mathews about "amateur hour"-the Rahm Emmanual decision to "think about" taking the chief of staff position offered by Obama. Joe felt this should have been worked out long ago and is not something to be offered and then "thought about" out in public. Chris Mathews was upset at the criticism saying “Our Job (Journalists)Is To Make This Presidency Work”.

Joe immediately went after Mathews but Mathews held his ground talking about how in the world we live in right now it is of the utmost importance that this government succeed. Even Mika and a reporter from Time magazine jumped on Mathews for the comment, talking about how the media's job was in Cronkite's words to be "skeptical so the public would not be cynical."

Mathews still would not back down so Joe ended the segment by sarcastically saying it was "so nice" that the media didn't question the government in dangerous times like during the Iraq war, not questioning Rumsfelds actions and not second guessing Bush's motives.
Actually, the amazing thing is that all the reporters haven't gotten the memo yet.