Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama says, "All your money are belong to us."

Obama says all your money are belong to us
Ole Barry Obama has taken great care to pretend during the presidential campaign that he's just a mildly left of center politician when the reality is that he is a crazed radical from the fever swamps of American far-leftism and race-baiting black liberation theology. Dig the cool cat as he says that the Supreme Court should have confiscated the assets of those nasty white Americans and redistributed them. 

For a "professor" that taught constitutional law, it seems a tad extreme doesn't it? Naw, that's because Barack views the Constitution as "a fundamental flaw of this country that carries on to this day." I guess if he gets elected President and it comes time to take the oath of office he'll put his hands on his crotch like he does during the national anthem.