Monday, October 15, 2007

Remember Al Gore before you buy any product from Apple

Apple brown noses Al Gore

Al Gore's primary job on Apple's board of directors (besides picking up his paycheck) seems to be to provide an aura of authenticity to the dubious report absolving Steve Jobs in the stock options backdating scandal. I guess that must have been a valuable service since Steve Jobs is boosting Big Weird Al for president and after the Goron was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last week under other dubious circumstances, Apple decided to devote their home page for a couple of days to a little brown nosing (see above).

I know some folks that were interested in the Apple iPhone before it launched, but dropped it like a hot potato when they found out about Al's involvement in Apple. It may be hard to do the same if you are a longtime Macintosh user, but there's no excuse for buying any of Apple's consumer electronics gadgets like the iPod or iPhone because there are plenty of alternatives. Do some of the other manufacturers do silly stuff on behalf of Mother Gaia? Sure, but you have to pick off the fattest targets which are certainly Big Weird Al and Apple.